• Chuqxapati


    Magician (reroll any miscast, 2nd result stands), Enhancer (once per game, add an additional power die to the communal pool)
  • Goq-Boq


    Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”), Executioner (for every attack I have I can execute a model to increase leadership by 1), Mental Injury Frenzy (just him, never lose it), True Grit (6+ ward save/auto-pass first ward save if he already has one).
  • Hua-Huini


    Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”), Mighty Blow (forfeit all attacks for one +str 3 attack)
  • Orek Boomstick

    Orek Boomstick

    Loves those war machines...
  • Orri the Grim

    Orri the Grim

    Brother of the Runesmiths
  • Qu-Gor


    Trickster (any unit will rally after a flee reaction even below 25%. Fast cav can do this and still move), Even the Odds (can’t be reinforced against, unless I do so as well)
  • Skaldor CruelSteel

    Skaldor CruelSteel

    Harshest General of the Dwarfs
  • Snorri Spellhammer

    Snorri Spellhammer

    2nd Oldest of the Runesmiths
  • Solomon RavensTongue

    Solomon RavensTongue

    A twisted youth, and messenger for the Lord of Change.
  • Tehemundi


    Psychopath (Has to pursue + d3), Resilient (re-roll on character injury table)
  • Tzolk'in


    Psychopath (Has to pursue +d3), Dauntless (reroll failed breaktest), Meditation (reroll one miscast per battle)
  • Volgrund TendrilBorn

    Volgrund TendrilBorn

    TendrilBorn's blessings pull him closer to the Lord of Change with every spell.
  • Xicohtencatl


    Psychopath (has to pursue + d3), Crazed (Frenzy + unit once per game)
  • Yorri Spellbreaker

    Yorri Spellbreaker

    Oldest Brother of the Runesmiths