Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”), Executioner (for every attack I have I can execute a model to increase leadership by 1), Mental Injury Frenzy (just him, never lose it), True Grit (6+ ward save/auto-pass first ward save if he already has one).


1 BS
-Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”)
-Executioner (for every attack I have I can execute a model to increase leadership by 1)
-True Grit (6
ward save/auto-pass first ward save if he already has one).

-Mental Injury: Frenzy (just him, never lose it)



Goq-Boq (“March/forward and hit/hurt”)

A relentless marcher and brute with a weapon. Goq-Boq is a single minded killing machine. When an order is given, it is beyond his mental capabilities to question it, or follow it in any other way. His name literally translates to “march/forward and hurt/hit”. This sums up Goq-Boq’s qualities nicely. Goq-Boq is often equipped with items of the Old Ones bestowed by his masters to aid in the completion of his tasks. These are most frequently to go forth and wreak havoc.

Goq-Boq is a very large and brutish saurus. He is aging more so than the majority of his peers, and therefore is developing a dull greying hue to his blue body rather than the glossy and slick appearance of younger lizardmen.

Goq-Boq is an Intimidator with the Execute ability. There is no excuse for not following commands to go forth and kill.. any sign of waffling in the ranks sees the devastation of his fanciful weapons (kills his own unit to add to break test results).

Goq-Boq’s first battle was an unexpected sneak attack from the nefarious fat Elf Amariel on the newly founded temple city of Ximniotl. Goq-Boq lacking commands to march elsewhere and destroy found himself having to think on his feet for once. Not used to the subtleties of defending compared to assaulting, Goq-Boq went to the edge of the city to receive advice and a Salamander from Hua-Huini at the river’s edge of the city. Amariel was immediately spied sneaking towards the city from the forests to the north instead of the river as expected. Goq-Boq bunkered his army in the outer defenses of the city to prepare for the imminent attack.

Goq-Boq and his newly acquired salamander decimated the dainty Elves from afar, but Amariel and his measly remaining warriors made it to Goq-Boq and his Saurus squad through the ranged fire. Relishing the prospect of a fight, no matter how small the numbers, the Saurus cheered with glee! The few remaining Elven swordmasters and white lions were obliterated with the first clash. Amariel however stood his ground and killed almost all of the saurus as well as the unit of terradons that rear charged him. Goq-Boq stepped forward to end the contest before more of his troops fell at the hands of this atrociously fat and skillful Elf. As a sneaky girlish warrior, Amariel responded to Goq-Boq’s confrontation by hammering his sword down on Goq-Boq’s head before the challenge could be completed. Goq-Boq’s helmet (his only armor) withstood the attack, but this assault left Goq-Boq with a brain injury which has left him with an even worse anger management issue. Following the victory, Goq-Boq oversaw the spawning pools of Ximniotl while stewing in his new-found continuous rage.


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