Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”), Mighty Blow (forfeit all attacks for one +str 3 attack)


+1 Weapon Skill
-Intimidator (-1 to break tests within 6”)
-Mighty Blow (forfeit all attacks for one +str 3 attack)



Hua-Huini (“small hunter”)

For my fluff, Hua-Huini is the Skink chief who was sent from the Lizardmen landing point in the swamps (Temple city of Ata’zla) to first explore this region of Assassins Bay. Hua-Huini was chosen for this task, as much like anthropologists, Priests do not venture into a new region until it is reasonably explored. Hua-Huini is famous among the army for his resilience and intimidating presence. Despite his size, he is so ferocious in battle and the hunt he was able to capture a Carnosaur before the second spawning from the pool of his crest.

Small even for a skink, yet lean and powerful looking. He is riddled with scars and is said to capture a new snake upon each dawn to commemorate his god Sotek and keep his infamous skills of the hunt sharp.

Hua-Huini is a greater leader than any of his dumber Saurus champions or Psychopathic and under-rested Priests.


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