Solomon RavensTongue

A twisted youth, and messenger for the Lord of Change.


Sorcerer of Chaos +1WS
Tricksters like RavensTongue encourage tactics of deceit; all units in his army rally effortlessly after fleeing from a charge. Moreover, this greedy boy never fails to press the advantage, gaining an extra victory point for victories and massacres.


Still green on the battlefield, Solomon RavensTongue does not wage war so much as toy with other races, and their armies. He has gathered a warband of murderers and thieves, the same as any other Chaos Horde. However, these men have no interest in calling themselves warriors. They follow Ravenstongue for the green glow in his eyes. They see profit on the path before him; be it blood, gold or pleasure, they follow the youngblood to feed and plunder.

Solomon RavensTongue

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