Skaldor CruelSteel

Harshest General of the Dwarfs


Enemy break tests within 6” of him gain a further +1
Can execute models up to his attack to minus break test result.-before break test

+1 T

0 exp


Skaldor is one of the toughest dwarfs to ever tunnel in the earth. Not only in body but in standards. He expects perfection from his armies and won’t tolerate anything less, supplying the army with a plethora of savage beatings and forceful insults should anything go awry. Although his methods appear harsh to outsiders, it’s clear that they work…
and no one wants to disagree with him.

Never one to backdown from a challenge, Skaldor inspires his men by example, or by murder… which ever one is the best option at the time. His ruthlessness is training is only doubled in battle.

Skaldor CruelSteel

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