Psychopath (Has to pursue + d3), Resilient (re-roll on character injury table)


+1 BS
-Psychopath (Has to pursue + d3)
-Resilient (re-roll on character injury table)



Tehemundi (“knowledge of the world”)

Tehemundi is the overworked colleague of Tzolk’in. Marked upon spawning for his scholarly future; both young priests began training to see to the everyday running of X’s temple city Chaqua and the necessary sacrifices to Sotek. As Tzolk’in is known for being sleepless at night, Tehemundi is understood as perilously busy during the day. The amount of sacrifices that needed to be made to welcome the coming of Sotek for the past 50 years required every effort by Tehemundi in bureaucratic organization and spiritual attention, on top of the everyday running of Zlataxiliquncani’s affairs.

As a young Skink, Tehemundi showed great prowess in the understanding of the material world and its wildlife. His glyphs on the anatomy of snakes and environments are well renowned in all of Lustria. As such, Tehemundi surrounds himself with wildlife fetishes. Often garbed in robes of snakeskin and vines, or carrying bits of wood or feather.

Tehemundi and Tzolk’in are two peas in a pod, but Tehemundi is much sturdier and resourceful in the wild than his (also wild) friend Tzolk’in. Still on the verge of a mental breakdown from the stress of his job however.


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