Volgrund TendrilBorn

TendrilBorn's blessings pull him closer to the Lord of Change with every spell.


Sorcerer Lord +1 toughness
A Veteran always passes his first panic test. Strong Blows allow him and his unit to reroll their “to wound” roll once per game. His skin still burns from the flames that warped him, sending daggers through his hands when he grips a sword or bow; such an injury leaves him with -1WS&BS. Volgrund’s experience allows him to increase the casting range of each spell by D6.


The veteran officer in the Horde’s conquest of the Land of Assassins, Volgrund confidently led his men to their first clash with the dwarf clan. He had taken much glory in his days, and was thankful to the Lord of Change for his bounty. But the blue fire is fickle, and almighty Tzeentch saw fit to alter the hierarchy. Volgrund cast only one spell that day.
As the dark language tore from his throat, an irreversible power was evoked. The Lord of Change himself took flight on the twisted tongue of the north, and burst forth from the general. The flames had come for Volgrund; it was time to evolve.
The will of Tzeentch took three mighty chosen and left splattered, inhumane gore. Hellfire twisted the air with abyssal songs of mutation and birth, driving the iron-willed dwarves to self mutilation. Horrors thrashed out from Volgrund’s body, warping any flesh they touched like an infection; tentacles of corruption too pure, even, for the chosen that guarded him. Volgrund was marked that day; marked by Chaos in body and mind. Reborn, his men named him: TendrilBorn.

Volgrund TendrilBorn

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