Psychopath (Has to pursue +d3), Dauntless (reroll failed breaktest), Meditation (reroll one miscast per battle)


+1 Initiative
-Psychopath (Has to pursue +d3)
-Dauntless (reroll one failed breaktest)
-Meditation (reroll one miscast per battle)



Tzolk’in (mayan word for astronomer)

Tzolk’in is a particularly devoted astronomer priest. It has been his duty to monitor the distant star that his master X discovered orbiting Venus during the year of the Snake; when X has been forced to focus his mind on other matters.

As such, Tzolk’in has yet to sleep since its discovery almost 50 Itz’xa’khanx (Elven) years ago (stars can only be monitored at night, and a Slann Mage-Priest’s orders are not to be taken lightly).

Tzolk’in is wild and red eyed. He appears exhausted and frantic at all times, even a little paranoid, yet his fervor in his studies and tasks are maniacal. He has the purple skin and red crest of his spawning (this army). He is always seen studying plaques and the stars with complete devotion.

A wandering giant was looking for a new place to keep his most prized statue of Gork (or maybe Mork?) ever since the presence of Dwarves and Chaos forced him to leave the road through the mountain pass that used to be his home. Tzolk’in, in a spastic rage at the disturbance the goofy giant presented in the Lizardmen riverlands called down a Comet from the heavens ontop of the giant as well as a wicked and sudden thunderstorm. The poor giant was instantly splattered and left in a smoking pile. Tzolk’in’s host looked to him for orders, but he was already back studying his plaques and the comet buried in the giant’s remains.


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