Psychopath (has to pursue + d3), Crazed (Frenzy + unit once per game)


+1 Attack
-Psychopath (has to pursue + d3)
-Crazed (Frenzy + unit once per game)



Xicohtencatl (“angry bumblebee” in Nahuatl)

Xicohtencatl was born in the same pools at Ximniotl as Chuqxapati. He received similar treatment to his magical prophet brother in terms of being sent to Ata’zla for training.

Xicohtencatl was presented to Goq-Boq shortly after he emerged from the spawning pool to be inspected. He had a different very clear marking of Sotek to those of Chuqxapati’s. Instead of an ominous glow and serenity, Xicohtencatl was completely red rather than blue and red like his fellow Saurus. A further oddity of his, was his size.

Lizardmen emerge from their spawning pools fully grown. The only variance they gain in old age is harder paler scales, and perhaps more muscle mass/battle wounds.

Xicohtencatl emerged barely taller than the Skinks at Ximniotl. Although still fully muscled and rippling in his power, his height was the strangest thing witnessed by any of his elders before. This was taken as a sign of the touch of Sotek upon him. Sotek is mostly a Skink deity, so perhaps his size demonstrated the saurus equivalency of devotion and self sacrifice for Sotek. It was either this, or he was stunted. It was for Goq-Boq to decide.

It was quickly realized that Xicohtencatl was blessed by Sotek, and not merely stunted and weak however. When presented before Goq-Boq, Xicohtencatl personified yet another gift of Sotek, the gift of extreme rage.

When confronted about his size and paraded in front of Goq-Boq, Xicohtencatl lost his temper at being treated thus and proceeded to brawl and fling his guards around the room. Only upon orders from Goq-Boq was his temper restored.

Xicohtencatl is a very young battle commander, and one with seemingly endless rage. This is apparent when on the battlefield and he and his unit can be seen fighting with frenzy, and pursuing any enemy that flees with a severe lack of discipline. What he lacks in discipline and hardened scales, Xicohtencatl makes up for however in prowess and sheer killing power. He is a fearless leader and leaves wakes in his enemies.


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