Land of Assassins

Tehemundi's Calender

1st Year: (500 pts) Year of Landing

I Spring of Plains: bountiful harvest
-Founding of Firstwatch (Warriors of Chaos)

I Summer of Roads: profitable trade (bonus troops to units starting on roads)

I Fall of Plains: nothing
-founding of the city of Topec (Hua-Huini, Elderspire (High Elves), Cairns (Warriors of Chaos)

I Winter of Plains: nothing (flashfires, but it was too wet).
-[[:snorri spellhammer]] founds Karak Narok
-Hua-Huini founds Itchan Kala

2nd Year: (500 pts) Year of Trade (captives and the mine)

II Spring of Forests: nothing.
-Brokenhill claims the Rich Mine and vanquishes Volgrund TendrilBorn despite a smaller surrounded force. Ishmael takes Purewater Spring

II Summer of Rivers: GIANT!
-Goq-Boq founds the temple city of Ximniotl.
-Boomstick captures Volgrund TendrilBorn against all odds

II Fall of Plains: Flashfires! Burning attacks in plains
-Chuqxapati and Xicohtencatl are born in Ximniotl, sent to Ata’zla for training.
-Solomon RavensTongue and [[:orek boomstick]] fight with Boomstick continuing his rout against Chaos, Ishmael defends his dwarven trading ally’s mine against a haunting Vampire Counts army appearing at night.

II Winter of Plague
-Chuqxapati and Xicohtencatl take time for training at Ata’zla
-Goq-Boq defends Ximniotl against Amariel with Hua-Huini sending troops. Massacre for Goq-Boq who became Frenzied from a head wound suffered by Amariel who made a quick escape (+1 initiative)
-Ishmael takes over and razes Rich Rock Mine from his trading partner Brokenhill, and faces an attack from Priderot for the valuable mine. Priderot massacres Ishmael and captures him.
-[[:orek boomstick]] continues his fight against Chaos with Littlehorn trying to rescue his captivated ally. Both forces clash and no clear victor.

3rd Year: (1000 pts) Year of Chaos (Beastmen arrive, and all-out war)

III Spring of Chaos
-Ghorrok Elf-Eater and his Beastmen horde arrive in the SE plains and begin marching towards their Chaos comrades.
-Dragon Ogre Shaggoth attacks Littlehorn in Firstwatch
-Roaming giant and his prized statue of Mork (or maybe Gork)stumble into [[:tzolk’in]]’s river territory, and is slaughtered under a hail of poisoned darts, lightning, and a comet.
-[[:snorri spellhammer]] takes the Chaos city of Hoarfrost Reach after burning the plains on his way.
-[[:yorri spellbreaker]] razes more chaos plains on his way to East Scoria Pass.
-Valenar marches up the road to find the rear of Qu-Gor’s army.
-[[:skaldor cruelsteel]] and Falric fight in the river leading to the Dwarven stronghold after unfriendly trading relations brought this relationship to a boil… In the river. HA!


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