Lizardmen Fluff

This isn’t my complete fluff, as it would tell you what my motivations are in the game. It is more general until we’ve completed the campaign.

The army is lead by the great Slann Mage-Priest X (secret) of the city of Chaqua (“City of Gold”, this is a real city in the Lizardmen fluff that witnessed Sotek’s arrival), who had prophesied a great volcano emerging inland of this region. A volcano that would reintroduce Sotek to this world from below the earth and lead the Lizardmen in a conquest against the Skaven empire to the South. Sotek is a new god in the Lizardmen pantheon. Not being an Old One, it is sacrilege according to the older Slann to believe in Sotek. Sotek is a skink deity. He is personified as a snake that could wrap around the circumference of the world (probably lives in the heavens, but only emerges from the core of the earth).

Typically Slann don’t believe in Sotek, and prosecute other Slann and skink priests that worship him above the Old Ones and their prophecies.

X and his posse of Slann are, however, the youngest Slann in the world (i.e. don’t have personal memories of the Old Ones), and have personally witnessed and shared thoughts with Sotek upon his last (and first) appearance in Chaqua, saving them from a Skaven raid.

Regardless, these guys (and this army) are pretty young and eccentric. Definitely the oddballs of Lustria. This welcoming of Sotek back to earth also has a bit of personal pride on the line for showing the non-believers back home that he is real, and here to help.

X parted the seas to allow his army from Chaqua to walk the great distance to Assassins Bay from Lustria. Such a feat required a moderate amount of his powers, forcing him to rest upon arrival in order to be prepared for the return of Sotek. His most trusted Skink chieftain Hua-Huini was left orders to prepare the region for this coming of Sotek, and keep things stable until such a time that his master awakens.

For my fluff, Hua-Huini is the Skink chief who was sent from the Lizardmen landing point in the swamps (City of Ata’zla) to first explore this region of Assassins Bay. Hua-Huini was chosen for this task, as much like anthropologists, Priests do not venture into a new region until it is reasonably explored.

My army are characterized by their skinks with purple scales, red crests, blue saurus with red scales, and exotic (colourful) warbeasts. Their red crests are well known as being markings of the snake god Sotek, and blesses them with abnormal ferocity (even for Lizardmen) as well as a profound hatred for Skaven.

Lizardmen Fluff

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